“At the suggestion of another lawyer I contacted Deborah Truhowsky immediately following the death of my mother, whose passing had been caused by negligence at her nursing home.

Deborah provided invaluable guidance from day one and her skilled and always responsive professional approach to our case resulted in a successful outcome.

Along our 2.5 year journey Deborah was always quick to respond, polite and highly professional in her dealings with us. We feel that we were very fortunate to have someone of Deborah’s caliber as our legal representative in this case. We would not hesitate to seek her assistance again in a similar situation and feel very comfortable in recommending her services.”-Don S., Westchester

We filed a lawsuit against a Suffolk County nursing home on behalf of the family of a woman in her 90s who fell and fractured her hip after 2 similar incidents at the same facility. She died approximately one month later as a result of complications from the fracture.


“A family member was placed in a nursing home, where she suffered from a lack of prompt medical attention and neglect, and subsequently passed away. I spoke to a few attorneys about concerns I had regarding what had transpired during my relative’s stay at the nursing home, but no one would get involved.

I was fortunate to meet Deborah Truhowsky at a time when I really needed assistance to address the inequities of the nursing home’s practices. She and her team reviewed the information we presented, found that we indeed had reason for concern, and took on our case.

Ms. Truhowsky was the consummate professional.

She advocated on our behalf by engaging experts to research my relative’s medical history during her stay at the facility, and held the nursing home accountable for discrepancies in their reporting of events and other negligent actions. Ms. Truhowsky took me through the different phases of the process, step-by-step, allaying any anxiety I might have had. I always felt that I was in good hands because when Ms. Truhowsky said she would do something, she always followed through.

In a situation where you can feel you are fighting an uphill battle for justice, it is comforting to be assured that someone with extraordinary expertise, professionalism, and compassion will be in your corner. I cannot thank Ms. Truhowsky enough for the diligence and integrity she brought to the case and extended to our family.” – Ellen J., Brooklyn

We filed an elder neglect case against a Brooklyn nursing home on behalf of the family of a woman in her 70s who developed such severe bed sores that she had to have her leg amputated above the knee. This case was successfully resolved before going to trial.

“We engaged Deborah Truhowsky as our attorney to sue a prestigious New York City hospital after a loved one in his late 80s developed four Stage-4 bedsores while at the hospital. (Stage-4 bedsores are the most serious.)

Through painstaking diligence, Ms. Truhowsky discovered that nursing notes had been altered and the New York State Department of Health was notified. Her investigation and New York State’s follow-up investigation concluded that four Stage-4 bedsores had developed under the hospital’s care, arising from their negligence, and that no follow-up treatment had been provided once the wounds were discovered.

New York State immediately ordered the hospital to provide a written detailed improvement plan to document the bedsores and to provide all necessary treatment.

Ultimately, we prevailed without going to trial and received a substantial settlement.

Ms. Truhowsky pursued the lawsuit with passion and persistence.

It is due to her outstanding sense of justice and protective instincts towards her clients that she gave the case her personal tireless attention. We are forever grateful.” – Courtney B., Manhattan

We took on a neglect and medical malpractice case against a well-regarded Manhattan hospital for a gentleman in his 80s who developed severe bed sores while hospitalized for an unrelated condition. The case was successfully resolved prior to a lawsuit being filed.

“My mother was placed in a nursing home, where, unfortunately, she suffered from neglect and abuse. I tried everything in my power to get help to her, including New York State, Ombudsman, and a few other aging agencies.

Ms. Truhowsky was on top of the situation from the start.

She knew exactly how to go in and handle this case, and kept me updated throughout. I was very happy with the overall case and outcome. Sadly, I wish my mother had experienced the same. I have and will recommend Ms. Truhowsky in the future.” – Karyn M., Long Island

We filed an elder neglect case for the daughter of a woman in her 80s who had multiple bed sores and suffered over 15 falls with serious fractures while a resident at a Long Island nursing home. The case was successfully resolved after depositions.

“You have been a Great Lawyer, I appreciate you taking on my Mother’s case, and working to get us the best outcome. I will always hold you dear in my heart and with great respect. You are a very kind person. My family and I were blessed to have represent us.” – Debra D., Bronx


I give thanks for your dedication to me & to Eugene’s memory.”- Fondly, Beverly