Personal Injury

If you have been injured due to the negligent or careless actions of others, then you may have a right to seek financial compensation for your personal injuries.

People with severe personal injuries can suffer intense physical pain and lasting emotional damages. As these injuries often render clients unable to work, their families may experience a significant disruption in income and lifestyle for years to come.

Examples of personal injury cases include:

• Auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents
• Construction accidents
• Nursing home, hospital, assisted living and home care neglect and abuse
• Slips, trips, and falls
• Premises liability
• Defective/Hazardous products

When an injury occurs, it is common in some circumstances for the injured party to be contacted early on and offered a settlement by the responsible party’s insurance carrier. Do not accept this offer! This tactic is often used before the full extent of the damages is known.

What may at first seem like a minor injury can get progressively worse as time goes by. Do not leave yourself vulnerable to a lifetime of disability and suffering for which you have only partially been compensated.

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